10 Weird Laws in Philippines

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One thing that has not escaped the attention of this nation is a series of its own strange and confusing laws. It`s even more surprising to know that most, if not all, of the laws listed below are still in effect today, so it`s probably a good idea to learn more about them so you don`t accidentally break one. One of the most obscure laws enacted in the 1960s was Republic Law No. 3553, or the “Anti-Pana Law.” Living in a society means that there are certain rules or social norms that you must adhere to in order to maintain peace. In a modern nation-state, these norms are codified in laws. According to the University of Melbourne`s Southeast Asian Legal Research Guide, the Philippine legal system in particular is a mixture of customary law, civil law, Islamic law, and the Anglo-American system. The main sources of Philippine law are: Given the rich cultural history of the Philippines, including influences from religious customs, Spanish rule, and American colonization, the laws of this country can lead from standard rules that every society needs to operate to truly crazy regulations. Let`s take a look at some of the laws still in place today that would make anyone who reads them want to do a double take. However, this law is debatable because how can we suggest that people should just let everyone into their homes? This law has made many lists of the most absurd laws, but I have not found any context behind this particular law. While there have been concentrated efforts to modernize many of our laws, many of them are still remnants of the past few decades and can be used for anyone in the 21st century.

==External links==One such law can be found in article 351 of the revised Penal Code, which states that widows cannot remarry until the “301-day rule” has been adopted. The Philippine Women`s Commission and other women`s rights groups said the article discriminated against women. Fortunately, it was repealed after former President Aquino signed Republic Act (RA) 10655, which decriminalizes premature marriages. Do you think you`re the weird legal expert? Find out for sure with our quiz: Are these strange laws from around the world true or false? Look at these incredibly strange American laws that actually exist! While some of these laws are pretty self-explanatory, a good piece requires more than just an overview to understand them. Exceptions included funeral homes, hospital employees, or people at the bedside of a sick family member. For everyone else, there is no excuse to be dark, the alternative is a fine. This must be one of the strangest laws of all. All over the world, laws range from the strange and wonderful to the almost peculiar. In this blog, I`m going to count some of the weirdest laws in the world. The context may make the law less strange, but still, holding salmon suspiciously is a pretty funny offense to be arrested for. According to article 247 of the revised law, anyone who “has surprised his wife during sexual intercourse with another person, kills one or both of them in flagrante delicto or immediately afterwards, or inflicts serious bodily harm on her, shall be subjected to destierro`s penalty.” READ MORE: Strange English laws you didn`t know existed From Republic Act 8368 or the “Anti-Squat Law Repeal Act 1997” repealed former President Marcos` Executive Order No. 772, which punished squats and technically made it a non-crime from today, on the basis that squatters are also victims of an unequal justice and welfare system.

Yes, this means that according to the law, if you need the toilet, you can suggest that it is illegal for them to refuse you the use of their toilet. The expected overwhelming indignation and the need to defend one`s own honor would be the reason why murder is allowed in these circumstances. On the other hand, Destierro, or the mere banishment of the murderer, would prevent the family of the deceased from retaliating against him. Georgia likes to ensure the safety and sanctity of its chicken, as you have to eat fried chicken with your bare hands in Gainesville, Georgia. Keep your forks away from them. The law describes chicken as a “sacred culinary delight for his community.” Perhaps this is why chicken deserves a specific law on transport safety. FilipiKnow strives to ensure that each article published on this site is as accurate and reliable as possible. We invite you, our readers, to participate in our mission to provide free, high-quality information to every Juan. If you think this article needs to be improved, or if you have any suggestions on how we can better achieve our goals, let us know by sending a message to the administrator of filipiknow dot net on how to get a job in Australia (plus the last POEA jobs) During the last general election in 2013, two candidates literally threw a coin for the office of the mayor of the city of San Teodoro. Oriental Mindoro, after the two men finished in a draw in the race. What is your favorite movie or TV show? Want to know how much they look like in real life? Read this: Read this blog for our selection of famous legal cases in the UK that have made an impression on the public for a variety of reasons.

In other words, the state will always be the third party in any marriage between individuals. Although the whole method may seem odd, it is actually covered by the Omnibus Electoral Code, which states that “the Council of Advertisers shall draw lots for equal candidates and declare the candidates who may be favored by luck as elected … In Arizona, this law was enacted in 1924 because of a case of public threat.

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