8 Ball Pool Combo Rules

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If the player has no object ball other than the ball of 8, a combo would mean hitting another player`s ball, which is a foul. If the player hits another player`s ball to sink the black ball, it will result in automatic loss. 3. Use the ball of the 1st object as a landmark ball and find the target point to hit this ball in the right point of contact for the 2nd object ball Continue to play with your object balls during your visit to the table until you cannot take a shot. Once all the item balls in your group are put in your pocket, try plugging in ball 8. The first person to do this wins the game. They play either the monochrome balls or the striped balls. You decide at the beginning of the game after the break who plays which one. However, it is perfectly legal to combine with an 8 ball, provided that the player does not hit the 8 ball first. This means that the landmark ball must first come into contact with the legal object ball and then hit the ball of 8 so that the ball of 8 forms a combined shot with another object ball. A ball is considered illegally locked for the following reasons: Combined shots are legal at the pool table. These shots require great skills, but they are common.

No, a ball of 8 cannot be legally plugged into the same shot with another object ball. The result is a foul, and the player loses the game if the official rules are followed. The ball of 8 is still targeted after the player has erased all his object balls from the table. Once this is done, a player must make a call on ball 8 to mention the target pocket that he intends to sink the black ball. If you jump ball 8 off the table, you lose overall! So keep an eye on this ball and be careful! If you jump a ball – except ball 8 – from the table, you lose your movement If one of the balls does not touch the side of the table, the shot is considered a foul. Your opponent can then play the marker ball in hand from anywhere on the table (this does not necessarily have to be behind the head rope – this only applies to the opening break). Initially, the combined shots may appear backwards because you begin your aiming process backwards. The first ball you want to start aiming for is the ball you want to put in it, which we call Object Ball 2. Object Ball 1 is the ball you`ll hit in Object Ball 2, and you hit the Cue Ball in Object Ball 1 to make it possible. Most players use the combo shooting technique when they run out of options and want to try with the shot. However, not all combined shots are allowed. Whenever the ball of 8 is cast on an uncalled shot, the foul leads to a direct defeat in most leagues, and the only time a player can take an uncalled 8 ball is during the break.

Depending on the rules applied, a player can win or lose, and the gameplay continues as usual, replacing the Blackball on the Rack Dot. Most professional leagues apply WPA rules for scratch fouls on ball 8, but players can agree on the rules to apply in casual games. Here`s the catch: with all shots – after the break and not when the table is open – the player must first hit one of his groups of balls and insert a ball or bring a ball (or the landmark ball) to the side of the table. These are the basics of combinations, and you`ll find that different types of games use combos more often than others. Combinations usually give 8 balls, as there are more balls on the table and you have the choice of which balls you want to put in your pocket and when. However, combinations always come in 9 balls and you should be prepared to make them no matter what game you play. So, can a player combine the ball of 8 to win? According to the official rules, a combo shot on the ball 8 is only allowed during the break or when the table is open. If the player does not make a call, he loses. Double shots are not allowed on ball 8, so a player must take the 8-bullet shot alone so that the shooter can make a proper call shot. Most of these factors are simple and every time the distance of a shot is introduced, the need for accuracy in shooting increases significantly.

For games like 9 Ball, where you still have to play the primary object ball after the secondary object ball has been plugged into a combination, the position is exceptionally important. For these games, you need to control the speed of the primary object ball to get the position of your next shot. Whenever you make a combination, think about the trajectory of the two object balls, so you always have an easy shot when you do the combo. If you are making a “bench shot” or a “combination shot” – two types of call shots – you should inform your opponents of your intended shot, as these shots are not considered obvious. Name the ball and bag you want to aim. You do not need to provide more details than the object ball and the intended bag. According to the rules of the house, scratch faults are treated differently depending on the situation and the type of fault committed. Some rules are stricter than others when the 8-ball foul is punished.

A combo shot on a black ball can never be legal, as an early pocket on ball 8 is a loss. Again, you hit ball 8 first before the legal object is a foul and the incoming player receives the ball in his hand, which can benefit the guilty player. Combined shots are allowed, but a player can never hit the black ball in front of his legal object ball unless he is on pause. In other words, combined shots on the ball 8 to win are not allowed, and here are the frequently asked questions answered to understand why this is the case. On the other hand, it can sometimes be difficult to put a ball directly into position, while a simple combined shot is easier. In these cases, the risk is probably worth the reward. It depends on the rules used to play or the type of scratch fault that occurs. However, the landmark ball and the ball of 8 are cast when shooting the ball of 8, the player loses the game.

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