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LIQUIDATION OF COMPANIES.- The same scale as the previous article is applied. ADVICE.- If the lawyer participates with the client in auction procedures, tenders, meetings and other meetings, he receives a fee of at least twenty percent (20%) from the tax entity (U.I.T.); If we add the sum of the application of the scale of Article 14 reduced by fifty percent (50%), in case the sponsored with the good pro is preferred. This fee is independent of the origin of the contract, which may result from the award. or that which corresponds to the procedure resulting from the Confederation. ARTICLE 41.- In proceedings for the enforcement of decisions rendered in the context of knowledge proceedings, the Rules relating to Fees shall be applied by applying half of the Rules relating to Fees provided for in Article 21. As there are no exceptions, the fee will be reduced by ten percent (10%) of the settlement. Acts subsequent to the execution itself are regulated within forty percent (40%) of the scope of the above article. The following scale is used to draw the attention of companies to the lists of claims submitted by their employees: ARTICLE 35.- If one (1) lawyer sponsors or represents all heirs or interested parties in succession proceedings, his fees will be paid on the value of the estate transferred, including joint property, at half of the minimum and maximum amount provided for in Article 21. 5.)We always emphasize, as in other cases of violation of minimum legal requirements, that the judicial interpreter must not forget the circumstances that led to the sanction of Law 14967. ARTICLE 15.- The judicial regulation of fees must be justified and practiced on the basis of the legal provision applied under penalty of nullity. The mere mention of the articles of this law is not considered a valid basis. The skilled person may, at the time of the application for payment of fees, classify his functions in accordance with the provisions of this Act, and the judge must pay particular attention to him and, in case of disagreement on the criteria, strictly comply with the provisions of this article.

The judgment ending the dispute must contain the rules governing the professionals involved. AGREEMENTS.- Lawyers who assist debtors in reconciling judicial or extrajudicial agreements are entitled to a minimum reference indemnity calculated on the realizable value of the property in accordance with Article 14. In case of increase, reduction, cessation or participation in feeding, the difference resulting from the penalty amount for a period of two (2) years will be used, using the incident scale. (a) When professionals are appointed in legal proceedings to act as receivers, auditors or supervisors of natural or legal persons, estates, entities or entities of a legal purpose or type, they shall be regulated on a scale of ten per cent (10 per cent) to twenty per cent (20 per cent) on the amount of profits made during their execution; Before military jurisdiction, the scale set out in the preceding article shall apply. And it should not be forgotten that for a lawyer who defends the above-mentioned legal and constitutional principles, the violation of the Collective Bargaining Act constitutes a disciplinary violation (article 25 of Law 5177 and article 33 of the Rules of Professional Conduct). DISPUTES SUBMITTED TO ARBITRATION.- The scale of Article 14 is applied to the realizable value SECURITIES REPORTS.- The scale of Article 14 reduced by fifty percent (50%) is applied. These costs do not affect the costs corresponding to the drafting of contracts entered into following the titles in order to repair or supplement them. 21) Simple incidents. 1/3 of the scale and minimum indicated in the previous point is applied. Article 51: Even without the request of the interested party, the respective fees of the lawyers and lawyers of the parties shall be paid at the time of conviction, unless the penalty includes the payment of interest, fruits and other accessories, in which case the settlement shall be postponed until the occasion when the respective liquidation is fixed.

Article 52 °: The regulation of fees in favor of professional lawyers or sponsors of the party arising from the more inexcusable claim is not maintained if, in addition, it is qualified by reasoned decision as malicious or reckless the conduct of the latter. Article 53: When the intervention of the lawyer ceases and at his request, the judges and courts shall take appropriate measures in accordance with this tariff. Professionals will be able to estimate their fees, to settle expenses and to highlight the legal and economic situations they consider predictable. The quote will be sent by certificate for a period of five (5) days to those who may be obliged to pay. The regulations are provisional and will be implemented at least within the limits of the scale. ARTICLE 54: Taxes regulated by the courts must be paid within ten (10) days of the entry into force of the Regulatory Ordinance. Fees for extrajudicial work are paid within ten (10) days of payment on the due date. Once the time limit has been served, the trader may choose: a.

Request the fees that will be reassessed with the section 24 adjustment, plus interest at the rate of eight (8) percent per annum. They may be appealed within five (5) days, and the appeal may be based on the inductive of the appeal, which will be decided without cause within ten (10) days of receipt of the appeal record. If the rules are issued by the Appeals Chambers, the Individual Magistrates` Courts or the Supreme Court, legal recourse is excluded. Article 58 °: The final court settlement constitutes an enforceable title against the convicted person in terms of costs and jointly and severally against the beneficiary of the professional activity.

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