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Ability to conduct complex legal analysis, research and investigations; The paralegal`s responsibilities will be diverse, but include: (i) working closely with our five lawyers to support ongoing civil rights disputes and team advocacy efforts; (ii) Analysis and response to letters from detained persons throughout the State in order to strengthen their constitutional right of access to justice; (iii) following up on client complaints to help the team strategically respond to trends in state prisons; (iv) interviews with clients` relatives to disseminate practical advice on navigating the prison system and improving prison conditions; and (v) work with our lawyers to develop resources that provide advice on emerging issues affecting people in prison. Current leaders and civil litigators have no appetite for life-changing legal work and do not tolerate risk. Incompetent lawyers who have no impact on litigation or analytical skills destroy every case they touch. Avoid working for or with this organization in the civilian sector. The board of directors must replace employees with risk-takers and thought leaders who are not afraid of uncertainty and are prepared to face precedents. How to Apply: Email cover letter, resume, list of three references and legal writing sample for Great opportunity for paralegals to work closely with the law, clients and lawyers. The workload was not realistic, but part of it was because we were not-for-profit, understaffed and underfunded. Morale and work culture reflected this and, unfortunately, management did not rule on the troublemakers. There have been good times and bad times. The bad times tended to outweigh the good ones. The actual work experience has been very advantageous and I like to focus on it. North Carolina Prisoner Legal Services in Raleigh is seeking a motivated attorney to defend the constitutional rights of people incarcerated in North Carolina.

Our post-conviction team assesses the claims of prisoners who have pleaded guilty or been convicted in court and lost their first appeals for crimes ranging from impaired driving to first-degree murder, and litigates cases where we can make a difference. PLS lawyers have succeeded in reducing prison sentences, obtaining new trials for our clients and exonerating innocent people. NCPLS is a not-for-profit public interest law firm founded in 1978 that provides free legal services to incarcerated individuals. The civilian team is dedicated to improving detainee conditions through litigation and advocacy on a range of issues, including inadequate medical care, excessive use of force, failure to protect detainees from harm, and sexual assault. 61% of NCPLS employees are women, while 39% are men. Proven ability to solve problems, exercise good judgment, take initiative and manage workload; and. Ability to interact cooperatively, professionally and effectively with staff, clients, co-counsel, opposing counsel and prison staff. 15% of NCPLS employees are black or African American. Project management and organizational skills, including the ability to meet deadlines; Great company to work with, loved my colleagues and loved my job, had to leave for academic reasons but loved this job and couldn`t recommend it enough. Salary depends on experience; Excellent benefits, including generous vacation time, mileage reimbursement, retirement savings, and 100% employer-paid medical, dental and vision coverage, as well as employee life insurance. The civil lawyer will play a leading role in litigating individual claims on behalf of inmates, from fact-gathering and initial case research to discovery, application practice, settlement negotiations and court proceedings.

In addition, the lawyer will assist clients who have filed pro se applications for federal citizenship at individual stages of their litigation, including discovery and mediation. The lawyer will also respond to client admission letters to advise incarcerated individuals on how to navigate prison procedures and the law to improve their conditions of detention. Independent management of the burden of business and the unique opportunity to litigate your own cases and have the autonomy to be a great lawyer. Summary of research. With a database of 30 million profiles, Zippia estimates demographics and statistics for NCPLS. The accuracy of our estimates is verified based on the BLS, census and current job postings. After extensive research and analysis, Zippie`s data science team found that: Ability to collaborate with a variety of people and foster a team environment; NCPLS is an equal opportunity employer. NCPLS values a diverse workforce and an inclusive culture. The NCPLS encourages all qualified individuals to apply without regard to race, colour, religion, sex, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, age, national origin, marital status, citizenship, disability and veteran status.

Individuals who have previous contact or experience with the criminal justice or penitentiary system are encouraged to apply. The ideal candidate has excellent analytical skills and a strong interest in advocating on behalf of clients in need. Candidates should have strong interpersonal skills, be detail-oriented, write well, and be able to identify with people with different backgrounds and experiences.

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