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Mexico City (AP) — Mexico`s largest state approved same-sex marriage Tuesday, leaving only three of the country`s 32 states without such laws. ANKARA, Turkey (AP) — Turkey`s parliament on Tuesday began debate on a controversial bill that the government says aims to combat fake news and disinformation, but critics denounce as another attempt to suppress free speech. Nashville law enforcement will be prohibited from using license plate readers to enforce Tennessee`s anti-abortion laws, City Council officials have decided. HELENA, Montana (AP) — In a split ruling Wednesday, the Montana Supreme Court upheld an injunction blocking the enforcement of two election laws passed by the Montana legislature in 2021 as the laws are challenged in court. Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte met with his party`s lawmakers on Tuesday to discuss concerns about the growing number of migrants seeking asylum in the Netherlands, amid tensions within his four-party coalition over how to resolve the issue. Republican Tim Michels addressed a room full of party activists in early September when he asked about his stance on abortion. Michels vowed he would never change, saying he was “winning” his run against the Democratic governor. The cybersecurity company, which was hired by the Arizona Senate to review Maricopa County election results, has a $2 million debt, a spokesman said, and faces lawsuits. The four women and eight men deliberated hour after hour in a fifth-floor courtroom, wondering if Elizabeth Holmes had misled Theranos` big investors about starting blood tests.

TRENTON, New Jersey New Jersey lawmakers unveiled new laws Thursday to rewrite the state`s gun laws in the United States BOISE, Idaho (AP) — The Idaho legislature could intervene in a lawsuit filed by the U.S. Department of Justice against Idaho to challenge recently passed water laws. but a federal judge has yet to decide whether ranchers and the Idaho Bureau of Agriculture Federation can participate. BRUSSELS (AP) — The European Union`s executive on Friday unveiled plans for new laws that would help protect media freedom and independence in the 27-nation bloc amid growing concern about the dangers of political interference in several member states. ANKARA, Turkey (AP) — Turkey`s parliament on Thursday passed a controversial bill that amends press and social media laws with a stated aim to combat fake news and disinformation. BOISE, Idaho — Potential new laws designed to limit government investment or contracts with companies that incorporate elements such as climate change and labor rights into their business practices are expected to be introduced in the next legislature, lawmakers said Monday. 27. September 2022 Jonathan and Diana Toebbe have issued new guilty pleas in a case involving an alleged conspiracy to sell secrets on nuclear-powered warships, a month after their previous pleas were rejected.

Germany`s health minister on Wednesday unveiled a plan to decriminalize possession of up to 30 grams (about 1 ounce) of cannabis and allow the drug to be sold to adults for recreational purposes in a controlled market. Philadelphia City Council members announced Wednesday plans to introduce laws to protect access to abortion within the city limits — including a bill that supporters say would be one of the strongest privacy laws in the country. The state`s new laws allowing universal absentee voting and voter day registration are unconstitutional, the Delaware Supreme Court ruled Friday. A Montana state judge has ruled that three laws passed by the Republican-controlled Montana legislature to regulate activities on college campuses are unconstitutional, including one that would ban transgender women from participating in women`s college sports teams. NASHVILLE, Tennessee. Proponents of school voucher expansion in Tennessee argued Monday that the program does not take away families who want their children to stay in public schools when they again asked a state court to dismiss the lawsuit challenging the lawsuit. A federal judge has allowed Purdue Pharma and its owners of the Sackler family to appeal a ruling that dismissed their $4.5 billion settlement of thousands of lawsuits related to the bankrupt company`s painkiller OxyContin and its role in the opioid crisis. California is suing Amazon, accusing the company of violating the state`s antitrust and competition laws by stifling competition and engaging in practices that incentivize sellers to maintain higher prices for products on other sites. ORLANDO, Florida.

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