Nicknames on Legal Documents

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But your nickname won`t be your official name without a legal change. Some people use nicknames as if they were legal names, but this can cause problems such as identity confusion and invalidate signatures. Why not just use your legal name in legal documents and let everyone call you by your nickname? Sometimes it seems superfluous and irrelevant to include things like the nickname your friends call you, but it`s still an alias. Criminals are known to use nicknames or various iterations of their legal name in their legal records or documents, and therefore, entities that conduct background checks and child abuse investigations need to know every name you`ve used to be complete and make sure the children in your care are safe. Most importantly, not providing your alias or AKA can delay your adoption process. It is not as obvious as it seems. Follow this guide to know when to use a nickname, your legal name, link your name to some extent, or even use phonetic spelling. A legally binding signature formalizes an agreement once all parties have signed a contract. Signatures are the most common way to indicate that you have read and agreed to the terms, even if someone`s signature is so stylized and unique that it is illegible. All that is needed is for the contract to properly identify the parties and include a signature from each party. There is no legal requirement for your name to be printed under your signature. Remember that every part of your job search should be strategic. Think about how you present yourself.

What should people call you? How can you make it easy for people to understand your name? How do you clearly identify all the documents you send to people? The name on your resume doesn`t have to be your official name. I always ask people how their business cards are printed. How do you want people to know you professionally? This is very important. You want people to feel comfortable and know how to call you from the first contact. This is part of the social graces that facilitate communication. Here are some examples: There is no legal requirement for your name to be printed under your signature. The fact that your name is not printed on the contract does not affect its validity or enforceability. As long as the contract identifies the parties. In general, contracts with spelling mistakes remain legal as long as they do not change the content or quality of the document. I am not a lawyer. Talk to one of them. It is best to correct the wrong name immediately when signing the contract.

It`s perfectly acceptable to include a name other than your birth name on your resume as long as it`s formatted correctly. Although, for official reasons, you should include your legal name on your resume, it is common in the hiring process to include the name you wish to mention. As long as you use proper and preferred methods for this, it`s easy to put a nickname on your resume! To display your nickname on your CV, simply list it instead of your first name. You can also add your nickname in quotation marks between your first and last name, such as Joseph “Joe” Rollins. If you usually use your first and second initials, just add your initials instead of your full first and middle name, and remember to stick to the nickname you chose on your resume, as switching between names seems less professional. Overly random nicknames aren`t really suitable for use on resumes because they have nothing to do with your legal name. For tips on how to get your colleagues to call you by your casual nickname, read on! During the adoption process, as well as other processes, such as permission to work in an elementary school or government agency, you will need to fill out forms asking for a pseudonym by which you were once known. What does that mean? How far back do you have to go? Do you need to include all your nicknames you`ve already known? Even if a name was not an official name, you still need to include it in the form. For example, if your full name is Jane Roberta Smith, but people have always called you Roberta, your friends call you Bobbi, you use J. Roberta Smith in legal documents, and your birth name was Jane Roberta Jones, you must include the following names in the AKA (also known) or alias section of the form if you used them: My question is for lawyers who have a name other than their official name. Do I have to go to court as “Andrew James Smith JR”? Could I instead “A. James Smith”? Be sure to disclose any arrests, even if they did not result in a conviction, as well as any convictions that have been sealed, enhanced, or pardoned as part of an adoption release.

You may have been told that you do not need to report an arrest or conviction to an employer. That may be true, but all arrests and convictions will appear in the adoption process. If you had a child abuse charge that was “unfounded,” it won`t appear on a New York state release, but you should disclose the incident anyway. It is very important that you inform your adoption social worker of any incident that is a “yes” to their questions about criminal history or child abuse, even if you think it may not appear in your file.

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