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What kind of work does the legal team do? We treat legal as a service and our clients` feedback shows that we have a high performance culture. We`ve recently used external advice to assess our level of maturity – that`s another aspect to make sure you`re delivering what the client needs. I`m really proud of Wolseley UK`s legal team and what they`ve achieved. Wolseley Law is a team of people who want to help. Everyone in our firm has a strong connection to the city and a lot to our neighborhood and are here because we want to practice law in a way that provides comfort to our clients while providing excellent legal service. We wear jeans in the office, but we aspire to be leaders in this profession. We cycle to work, but we help people through the toughest times of their lives. We are trusted advisors with whom you really enjoy talking. We are a little different from other law firms. Wolseley`s principles of inclusion, community and access to justice are the guiding principles here. But what does that mean? That means we`re always looking at how lawyers can improve people`s interactions with the legal system.

This means that we will try to find the best solution for you, but we are not afraid to stick to the principles when we need them; And that means that no matter where you`re from, you should feel welcome when you come to bring us your problem. Wolseley Law LLP focuses on balancing professional legal services, clear pricing, community support, and prioritizing our families and those who work for us to ensure we practice in the most ethical manner possible, not only in law, but also in life. Hiring a lawyer can really be different than you think. We focus primarily on contracts and compliance, and much more! Simply put, we write the company and fix things. I`m really proud of the legal team – it`s a small team, but it`s way beyond its weight. The team has strong technical skills, that`s obvious, but it`s just as important that they are great communicators. Most of our colleagues work behind a counter or in a warehouse, lawyers who write for lawyers will not make the news. We also need to be pragmatic – the internal role is to provide legal advice and risk management and be part of a larger whole. We have extensive skills and in-depth knowledge and we take care of most things in-house. I see a pyramid of legal support for a company, with in-house lawyers at the top of the value chain. Automation and non-lawyers will push in-house counsel up the pyramid, and (internal) client demand will pull them up. I expect a legal resource portfolio model; The simple bilateral model of the internal and external law firm is outdated.

A more agile and matrix collaboration between the in-house alternative service provider and the law firm is the most progressive option with many possibilities and levels. There is no one-size-fits-all solution. I see my role as creating a service infrastructure that anticipates and meets customer needs. After four years in my own practice, I succumbed to internal light and joined Zeneca in 1998, later AstraZeneca. I left AZ in 2012, took time off to study, and then joined MUPA on an interim basis until I took over at Wolseley UK in 2013. When I started, Wolseley UK`s legal team consisted of two lawyers and a debt collection team of five. Now my role involves around 50 people and includes legal, risk and compliance including health and safety, environment, operating systems and risk/insurance, as well as the legal team (currently five lawyers) and the debt collection team. I have tried to put the legal department at the heart of the business – by integrating legal and compliance teams that focus on a common goal and provide an ongoing support program. I describe my team as the best sales team. Nicky leads our award-winning legal, risk management and compliance team to perform a wide range of tasks including business transactions, process compliance and risk management.

He is currently focusing on the spin-off of Wolseley UK from Ferguson plc and its separate listing. ⚠ Report abuse To notify the Law Society of any inappropriate or offensive content posted on Find a Lawyer, please visit our Contact Us page. We are here to try to make the process as clear and simple as possible. If your request is suitable for flat-rate billing, we will set a flat rate in advance. If your business can be split for us to do part of and you to do part of it, we will give you the opportunity to try to save you money that way. If your request is a traditional hourly rate, we will let you know as soon as possible so you can plan ahead. Wolseley UK is the UK`s leading plumbing and heating distributor, supplying 180,000 different products to over 100,000 customers each year. Market-leading brands operating from over 900 trading desks across the UK include Plumb and Parts Centre, Pipe Centre, Climate Centre and Burdens. Wolseley UK`s extensive store network is complemented by an unrivalled daily delivery service from five distribution centres in Melmerby, Worcester, Milton Keynes, Measham and Royal Leamington Spa. The company invests heavily in people through a company-wide training structure and offers an award-winning package of pensions and rewards.

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